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Making Ministry Easier!

Dude, where’s my paycheck?.

What are payroll diversion scams and how do you avoind them?.

To Reconcile, or Not to Reconcile...

You may not know this, but reconciliation is very important basic accounting stuff.  Read this to better understand.

Don’t Get Locked Out Of Your House.

Important steps to take to ensure you access financials, pay bills, and run payroll.

Keep It Simple.

Things to consider about online giving.

Kill the Dinosaur!

Is it time to make the leap from desktop accounting software to cloud based?

Can I throw this away?

Guidance on how long you should hold onto important legal and financial documents?

What’s an Intern?

How should you classify and compensate them?

Who Needs a Timeclock?

Paper timecards are simple, but can be problematic. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

Healthcare Sharing Ministries?

Are they a good option for medical expenses?

Don’t Let Benevolence be a Bummer.

Best practices for benevolence ministry.

Don’t Feed the Primates.

The importance of setting good policies.

Workshops for Pastors.

The first step to making the most of your compensation is understanding it.

Accounting 101

Tips to help 1+1=2

Are You Spending Enough On Payroll Costs?

Spending more often makes good sense!

How is Your Second String?

Don’t let the loss of one player wreck this season of your ministry!

New Paid Time Off Law

All Illinois Employers are likely impacted.

Term Limits for Board Members….

How long and why limits are important….

Meet the YCA Team

Affordable Break-In Protection

Profession alarm systems are expensive!  We have an affordable option.  No, it’s not a big, mean dog!

Make Ministry Easier!

Check out Bill Spend and Expense.  Really simplifies purchasing, bookkeeping, and budgeting.  

Bad Help Isn’t Help!

Fire poor staff before you hire them!

Air Conditioners Die…

Don't let them kill your budget!.

Plenty of pizza or loaves and fishes?

Using your Team to Prepare a Healthy Budget

YCA Video Content

BTW-We do our own stunts…

End of Year Tax Considerations for Pastors.

Important tax reminders for the end of year.

Four for 24!

How about some financial goals for your church in the New Year?

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